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Verrillon’s business model is built around two key elements — collaboration and customization.

Collaboration means establishing an open, two-way relationship with our customers where we mutually communicate respective capabilities and processes. In order to ensure this, we implement a four-phase development process. Our experience shows that this approach to developing new fibers yields the most success — in terms of delivering quality products, achieving key milestones, and most importantly, meeting our customer’s cost and performance requirements.

Close collaboration also produces superior custom solutions. Contrary to popular belief, customization does not translate into higher costs. In fact, specialty fiber can be optimized to specific applications for both performance improvements and cost reduction. For too long, optical component and sensor manufacturers have been designing their products around standard fibers. This approach has limited their ability to offer true product differentiation. Because Verrillon has the most advanced production facility in the industry, we can offer customers both fiber customization and low manufacturing costs. In the world of optical fiber, Verrillon believes that one size does not fit all.

For more information on Verrillon's specialty optical fibers and fiber customization capabilities, please contact us at sales@verrillon.com or call us at 1-800-789-0540.